Rider Pinot Gris 2023

Rider Pinot Gris 2023

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A wonderful example of how combining a variety of winemaking techniques can create something special!

Elegant and textural with well-balanced acidity. Delicate aromas of citrus and peach blossom. A beautiful mouth-feel with flavours of pear and citrus. 


  • Winelines - "...a vivacious vinous fruit salad in a wine glass! 94 Points." Read the review
  • Qwine - "Cut pears and poached pears kick alongside honeyed tones, white flowers and a fine nuttiness on an eventful introduction...91 Points".  Read the Review
  • Grape Observer - "In the glass, the wine is a pale lemon in colour, with aromas of pear and pear skins... this is a well made pinot gris. 90 Points" Read the Review
  • VinoNotebook - "Offering plenty of fresh, crisp, bittersweet citrus and varietal pear, there’s some weight for generosity and a biting, zippy regional close. 90 Points." Read the Review
  • Words From a Wine Glass - "This is going to be a popular Pinot Gris, mark my words." Read the Review.
  • Ciao Magazine - "This has plenty of mouthfeel with textural elements combining with some fresh acidity on the finish." Read the Review