Pick Your Own Cherries

Information as of: January 7th.

Cherry Picking is now SOLD OUT

We will be closed until the new season - expected late November 2022


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Pick your own Cherries!

If you are interested in picking your own cherries and would like to keep up to date with when the best time to pick is please join our mailing list above or check back here for up to date information on how the season is progressing. As you will be outside and on a farm when picking we advise you to check the weather so you bring appropriate clothing should it be hot, cold, wet or just very sunny. If you are planning to stay in Orange or are looking for other activities please visit visitorange.com.au.

Cherries are a stone fruit that grows on trees that flower in spring, are pollinated by bees and become fruit ready for picking in early summer, this means that Cherries are only available for picking from Late November through December. We are unable to provide cherries outside this period, its mother nature. Cherries are also susceptible to frosts, to little rain, to much rain, hail and very hot dry conditions and we try our best to provide the best fruit we can but we are, as with any produce, at the mercy of the climate and weather each year. Thank you for your understanding.

Things to know...


Things to do:

  • Pick Cherries!
  • Wine Tasting
  • Picnic
  • BBQ
  • Buy Cold Drinks and refreshments
  • Friendly Dogs Allowed
  • Buses and Coached Allowed

Orchard Entry Fee:

  • $5/per person (Adults and Children over 3)
  • Payable on Arrival
  • If you stay outside the orchard, we do not charge


  • 9 Varieties - Index, Lapin, Royal Eddie, Royal Helen, Stella, Van, Bing, Merchant, Simone.
  • 1000 Cherry Trees!


  • $10/kg
  • We do not accept credit cards for cherries or entry.


  • Bookings required
  • We do our best to plan for each weekend and have cherries available, however, we can't guarantee there will be a cherries available that meet your requirements.
  • Index - All Picked
  • Lapin - All Picked
  • Royal Eddie - Ripe for picking
  • Royal Helen - All Picked
  • Stella - All Picked
  • Van - All Picked
  • Simone - Ripe for picking
  • Merchant - All Picked