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Stockman's Ridge History

Stockman’s Ridge Wines was born from a love of travelling to France from a young age, Jonathan Hambrook spent his youth travelling to the South East of France, Bergerac, Monbazillac and Bordeaux. Attending boarding school, a love of the bush and country developed through visiting school mate’s farms. At the age of 22, he purchased his first farm just north of Bathurst sitting on a small patch of Tera Rossa soils with a bed of limestone underneath. Planting 4 varieties of Shiraz, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir and Savagnin the first vintage of Shiraz was crafted in 2008.

With a focus on producing small batches of highly aromatic whites and deliciously complex reds with both being beautifully textured, approachable and perfect for pairing with food and sharing with friends.

With each following year from 2008 adding new styles and being all being derived from single vineyards. Since the first release of their wines, the quality has been clear with over 130 trophies & medals being awarded in under 10 years including trophy winning Outlaw Shiraz which has become the signature red.

In 2012 the intimate Cellar Door with its beautiful and ever-changing autumnal gardens and firepits making it a stunning setting for wine tastings was opened at the new home for Stockman's Ridge Wines just 10km west of Orange at the foot of Mt Canobolas. Since opening many brides have come to celebrate their weddings amongst the vines with stunning photos along the 130 strong golden elm lined driveway which leads to the cellar door. The new home also allowed the expansion of the vineyards with the first 2 varieties being planted. Taking advantage of the cool climate Pinot Noir was planted along with the aromatic Austrian variety of Grüner Veltliner.

The property also boasts Accommodation, Cherry, Apple & Pear Orchard as well a home to a flock of the wagyu of the sheep world, the Australia White. 


Our Vineyard

Stockman's Ridge Vineyard (40.4 Ha)
Pinot Noir - 1.2 Ha (3 acres)
Grüner Veltliner - 1 Ha (2.5 acres)

Planted in 2012 our new flagship vineyard was thoughtfully designed to be efficient and able to consistent quality fruit. Following in true french techniques the Stockman's Ridge vineyard is planted in much more dense and lower profile. The vines are trained to grow a unilateral cordon (the section of vine that run horizontal alone the cordon wire). This requires each vine to do less work and to maintain a high quality. Rows are 2.8m apart with vines planted very 1 metre with the cordon just 80cm off the ground. This means that for every Ha there are 3,571 vines planted.

The soils are deep well drained clay loam red and brown Ferrosol soils (Krasnozems) derived from basalt the soils red brown and very fertile. They are great for retaining water and are well suited to assisting the vines getting through dry spells.

Pinot Noir Clones: 777, 667, MV6
Grüner Veltliner Clone: FV14V16

Our Region - Orange, NSW

The Orange wine region is defined as the area above 600m in the local government areas of Orange, Cabonne and Blayney and can be usefully described as a circle around Orange. The Orange region is ideal for grape growing and winemaking because of the combination of geology, soils, climate and temperature. Together these factors combine to produce grapes and wine of distinct flavour and colour. The climate perhaps plays the biggest part in giving Orange some distinct natural advantages - the cool temperatures during the growing season coupled with dry autumn conditions are ideal for grape growing.

Mount Canobolas, an important geological feature also plays its part, not only giving the district its rich basalt soils but also, because of its altitude, giving greater reliability to the rainfall. The climate and soils also influence the selection of varieties for planting. The region is planted to 60% red wine varieties and 40% white wine varieties - which says something about the region but also says something about the national palate in the 21st century.

Of the red varieties in the Orange region, Shiraz (27%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (14%) are the most widely planted with Merlot (12%) and Pinot Noir (5%) also featuring in many vineyard plantings. The early planting of Shiraz in the region was limited but expanded rapidly during the 1990s as the region proved itself a quality Shiraz region. The best sites for Pinot Noir are likely to be at the cooler, higher altitude sites. There are also small areas of other, newer varieties – Sangiovese, Barbera, Tempranillo and Zinfandel. As the region matures vignerons are focussing on refining variety selection with the advantage of decades of experience. This and clonal selection are likely to see some shifts in sub-regional specialisation over time.
In the whites, Chardonnay (15%), Sauvignon Blanc (11%), Pinot Gris (6%) and Riesling (3%) are the main varieties, examples of which have won national and international recognition. Plantings of Pinot Gris are expanding but it comes off a low base so may never challenge Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc as the most widely planted white variety in the region. There are small areas of Viognier, Semillon, Marsanne, Arneis, Verduzzo and Gewurztraminer, all of which have made fine wines.

Press Releases

October 2018 - Storm Sparkling and Outlaw Chardonnay
July 2017 - Pinot PinotJanuary 2016 - 2016 Vintage Showing Great Potential

Bottle Images - Current Release



2015 Outlaw Shiraz Download Bottle Shot
2017 Outlaw Zinfandel Download Bottle Shot
2016 Outlaw Gruner Veltliner Download Bottle Shot
2016 Outlaw Chardonnay Download Bottle Shot


2014 Handcrafted Savagnin Download Bottle Shot
2015 Handcrafted Pinot Noir Download Bottle Shot


2019 Rider Sauvignon Blanc Download Bottle Shot
2015 Rider Pinot Gris Download Bottle Shot
2015 Rider Pinot Noir Download Bottle Shot
2015 Rider Merlot/Cabernet Franc Download Bottle Shot


2014 Sheila Cheeky Sweet White  Download Bottle Shot


2013 Campfire Late Harvest Semillon  Download Bottle Shot
2015 Campfire Ratafia Download Bottle Shot 


2011 Storm Chardonnay / Pinot Meunier  Download Bottle Shot

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